1st April 2018

Zhongwei, Ningxia (中卫, 宁夏)

It’s 1st April; Anything I told you today you wouldn’t believe anyway. So instead here is a photo diary of March – surely all the captions are true…

(As ever please forgive the phone camera and the phoney photographer)


The hills of Yunnan


Tea, car keys, unusual cards, chairs, tables, smoking, leisure.


Welcoming people, welcome beer, welcome relaxation in a town in the hills.


I like the little touches: the playing surface for the cards. This man kindly paid for my tea – to welcome me to China.


A buddhist temple in Chengdu


Erm…Panda bears!


Cooking a house warming dinner in Chengdu


Renovated riverside at Mianyang as the neon rises


I was grateful to find this downhill stretch as I came up over the ridge.


There is an old saying: Even a slipper tastes good when it’s fried. But here I think ‘the first bite is with the eye’s more hits the mark.


Spring – I missed it last year!


Work in progress – this road isn’t good enough.


Lunch stop – Chinese, Islamic, Friendly, and tasty too. I love the mix of writing. There’s no denying both scripts have character.


Ploughing with your wife.


I could have picked so many such photos – I chose this because it was in a county town right up in the hills – and because the photo before and after were taken in the exactly the same area.


An unexpected Tibetan Buddhist temple


A visit from the police. #1


The Chinese government – can you spot which of the slogans in the circles below means democracy?


Mandarin reading lessons from my young teacher


Up in the hills


Sunning the Buddha Festival at Labrang Monastery


Multiculturalism in China


Is anything more universal than this?


Finding the Yellow River


Industry on the edge of Lanzhou